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Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) Download Free

Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) Download

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Country: UK

Year: 1970

Runtime: 91min

Director: Peter Sasdy

Christopher Lee, Geoffrey Keen, Gwen Watford, Linda Hayden, Peter Sallis, Anthony Higgins, Isla Blair, John Carson, Martin Jarvis, Ralph Bates, Roy Kinnear, Michael Ripper, Russell Hunter, Shirley Jaffe, Keith Marsh, ...

Rating IMDB: 6.2


NOTE: Sequel to "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave" (1968).On the last weekend of each month, William Hargood [Geoffrey Keen], Sam Paxton [Peter Saccis], and Jonathan Secker [John Carson] go to the local brothel where they engage in sordid behaviors. There they meet Lord Courtley [Ralph Bates], said to be possessed of the devil. Courtley offers them an experience to end all experiences--a chance to take place in a ritual to bring back Count Dracula from the dead. They agree but cop out when Courtley orders them to drink the blood of Dracula. Courtley does, and promptly dies. The other three leave, scared. After they leave, Courtley changes--into Dracula.Dracula [Christopher Lee] wants revenge, and he intends to get it through the children of the three men, starting with Hargood. Hargood's daughter Alice [Cinda Hayden] is seeing Paul Paxton [Anthony Corlan], but Hargood wants to end this relationship. One night, after being forbidden by her father to go out with Paul, Alice meets up with Dracula and is 'hypnotized' into killing her father. "The first," says Dracula. Alice lures Lucy Paxton [Isla Blair] to Dracula who promptly drinks her blood and sets her to work for him. Worried about the death of Hargood and disappearances of both Alice and Lucy, Paxton and Secker go to Dracula's house to see if Courtley's body is still there. It isn't, but they find Lucy lying in a coffin. Secker attempts to stake her, but Paxton shoots him first. The sun goes down, and the vampires get Paxton. "The second," says Dracula. Lucy comes to Jeremy Secker [Martin Jarvis], drinks his blood and gets him to kill his father. "The third," says Dracula.Secker writes a note to Paul, telling him what he must do to save Alice. Armed with candles and crucifixes, Paul goes to Dracula's house and sets up an altar. When confronted by Alice and Dracula, Paul tells Alice to choose betwen good and evil. Alice chooses evil and wrests the crucifix from Paul's hand. Dracula attacks him, and tells Alice he has no more need of her. Alice goes back to Paul. Dracula attempts to escape, but the crucifix Paul placed on the door keeps him from leaving. Dracula breaks a stained-glass window and tries to get out, but the room is suddenly filled with church music, prayers and candles, and Dracula tumbles to the altar and turns to dust. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

Also known as:

Prueba la sangre de Drácula => Argentina

Prueba la sangre de Drácula => Mexico

Blodsmak => Sweden

Dracula får blod på tanden => Denmark

Dracula, djävulens sändebud => Finland

Dracula, paholaisen lähettiläs => Finland

Drakula vérének íze => Hungary

El poder de la sangre de Drácula => Spain

Filise to aima tou Drakoula => Greece

Het Bloed van Dracula => Netherlands

O Sangue de Drácula => Brazil

Paholaisen lähettiläs => Finland

Una messa per Dracula => Italy

Une messe pour Dracula => France

Wie schmeckt das Blut von Dracula? => West Germany

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