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Rock of Ages (2012) Download Free

Rock of Ages (2012) Download

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance

Country: USA

Year: 2012

Runtime: 123min

Director: Adam Shankman

Diego Boneta, Dakota Sage Grant, Julianne Hough, Tom Cruise, Matt Sullivan, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Erica Frene, Bryan Cranston, Michael Olusczak, Anthony Bellissimo, Shane Hartline, James Martin Kelly, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Celina Beach, ...

Rating IMDB: 6.2


Sherrie takes the bus to Los Angeles, and meets Drew when her precious rock LPs are stolen. Drew works behind the bar at the famous Bourbon club, and Drew gets Sherrie a job there too. Drew and Sherrie are both singers; they become close, and Sherrie helps Drew to overcome his stage fright.The club is in dire financial straits and is relying on a gig by the enigmatic and unreliable rock god Stacie Jaxx and his band Arsenal to save them. When the opening act pulls out, Drew and his band get to open the show instead. A fellow waitress warns Sherrie that, once Drew gets into the spotlight, he'll forget about her.Meanwhile Stacie Jaxx is being interviewed for Rolling Stone magazine by a pretty reporter, Constance Sack. He eventually instructs everyone else to leave, and tells her of his existential angst and the loneliness of sex without love. Her resistance to his rock god charm breaks down; she tells him she can meet his needs, and they engage in frantic sexual activity on the pool table.Sherrie is instructed to bring a bottle of whisky to Jaxx. Through a misunderstanding, Drew thinks Jaxx and Sherrie made love, and when Drew comes off stage he rejects Sherrie.Their lives take different courses; Sherrie quits the Bourbon, and desperate for money, she tries several jobs before ending up in a pole dancing lounge -- first as a waitress and then finally as a dancer. Drew is signed by Jaxx' manager, but when PR guys reject rock music as outdated, he is persuaded to join a boy band instead. He and Sherrie sing 'Here I go again on my own'; Jaxx too is shown lying in bed with a random female, thinking of someone else.Drew and Sherrie finally meet again. The misunderstanding is cleared up, and then Drew finds Sherrie's stolen records for sale. He purchases them, returns them to her, and she attends his gig that night -- his boy band are opening for Stacie Jaxx in the Bourbon club. The boy band are booed off, and instead Drew and Sherrie duet on the song that he wrote for her. The song is a great success and catches the attention of Jaxx, who has been dramatically re-united with Constance. Jaxx adopts the song for his mega-band with Drew and Sherrie singing with him on stadium stages.There is also a subsidiary plot in which Patricia Whitmore, the wife of the new mayor, rallies do-gooders to clean up The Strip by shutting down the Bourbon club and Stacie Jaxx in particular. However, it gradually emerges that she is an ex-Jaxx groupie whose passion against him is that of a woman scorned. Her humiliation is complete when Lonny from the Bourbon club produces an old LP with a picture of her as a groupie inside it. She sneaks into Jaxx' final show dressed in sexy black leather and dark glasses.

Also known as:

Рок на в╕ки => Ukraine

A Idade do Rock => Portugal

La era del Rock => Argentina

La era del rock => Colombia

Mindörökké rock => Hungary

Rock Forever => France

Rock gia panta => Greece

Rock of Ages: O Filme => Brazil

Rock zauvijek => Croatia

Roko amzius => Lithuania

Vreme roka => Serbia

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