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Red Water (2003) Download Free

Red Water (2003) Download

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Country: USA

Year: 2003

Runtime: 92min

Director: Charles Robert Carner

Lou Diamond Phillips, Kristy Swanson, Coolio, Jaimz Woolvett, Rob Boltin, Langley Kirkwood, Dennis Haskins, Gideon Emery, Charles Dumas, Clive Scott, Nicholas Andrews, Hilton Myburgh, Garth Collins, Tumisho Masha, Shirley Davidson, ...

Rating IMDB: 3.9


Dr Kelly Raymond (Kristy Swanson) wants to investiage on the waters of a Louisiana river. She tries to convince her ex-husband, expert John Sanders (Lou Diamond Phillips) who at first rejects her offer. He is not convinced by her ecological proposal. Their relationship hasn't gone too smoothly between them since their divorce, especially because of the only thing they have in common, their only son. She left him because she's ambitious, while he just wants to keep on living in his shabby shiphouse. She has hopes of finding oil there. Gene Bradley (Gideon Emery) is the young man eager to find oil. He's bought the rights to look for oil in all the place. John finally agrees to go with them because of the payments he has to make to keep his boat and his humble way of life - he doesn't want anything else from life. It's impossible that a drilling operation is ecological, but Kelly is ambitious, and has sold his soul to the devil in a way.When they arrive in the site, they see an anchored boat and they believe that belong to their competitors from the Global Oil Company. However they are dangerous criminals that are seeking a large amount of stolen money that is hidden in the bottom of the river. Gene confronts the mobsters and the group is threatened by the gangsters.There have been two deaths on that river killed by a lone shark. This people-eating bull shark is different, as it can live in river water. A reward is issued by the family of one of the victims agains the shark which killed their son. John convinces the local sheriff, Captain Dale Landry (Dennis Haskins) to let them go upriver, telling him that they will be careful. He lets them be because he thinks that the shark will try to reach the open waters of the sea, so they will capture it on the estuary.Kelly goes scuba-diving while John watches in the radar if anything out of the ordinary happens. Meanwhile, another group of people is scuba-diving. There are some people hoping to find the booty from a crime. Rick (Tumisho K. Masha) has sent Brett and Ice to get the information concerning the hiding place from Jerry, who has just released from gaol. The money was hidden on the course of the river but it looks like the tide or the strong current has moved it from its original place since that moment.The shark kills a bakcpacker (Steven Pillemer). Both groups don't know about it.Brett van Ryan (Langley Kirkwood) gets hurt while scuba-diving. John saves Brett. Gene gets all paranoid, thinking that Brett and his team belong to an oil prospector rival company, the Globa. Brett says that they are looking for a treasure laughingly. Gene behaves like an asshole, and insists they Brett and friends leave immediately. Brett says that they will leave tomorrow morning, but Gene insists in phoning the police. Ice (Coolio) shoots Gene on the leg so that he won't call the police.Dale appears on a helicopter and talks to John, who also behaves in a calm way. Dale insists that they should not get into the water, as they haven't been able to find or kill the shark. They try to save Gene, but there is risk of hinm losing his leg or his life without professional medical halp. Ice'd rather kill everybody, because they've seen them.The bell announces that an oil factory nearby is about to explode because of the gas pressure. Ice, Brett and Jerry Collins (Jaimz Woolvett) want to leave leaving the rest to die on the explosion. On the last second, John releases some pressure. The place is blown to pieces anyway. Lacombe (Garth Collins), one oil rig worker, dies because he can't jump the factory on time.Because of the explosion, the police tries to contact John and his ship, but Brett stabs the radio, killing it for good. John tries to use the radio, but Brett shoots him. Brett wants them to close the fountain of dirt and mud which the factory is throwing to the river. They have to do it from under the water. Hank Ellis (Charles Dumas) does it, but, during the process, he hurts himself and bleeds. The shark attacks him and John jumps underwater to try to save him. John has to stay quiet so that the shark won't think he's some prey. He goes out of the water on the last second.Brett tries to kill the shark, attracting him and later blowing him to pieces, but he's not sure that he's killed him. Kelly realises that the criminals will kill them sooner or later. Gene dies. Emery Brousard (Rob Boltin) thinks that the shark is the spirit of the god protectors of the swamp, who are angry because humans don't respect nature anymore. Brett takes Kelly to another room, and threatens to kill her if she doesn't have sex with him. She kisses him to distract him from John's attack from the back. After hearing the shot, Ice helps his fellow criminal. Kelly offers to go in Emery's place, because he can't swim.John and Kelly devise a plan if they find the money: to take it to the bankside and exchange it for the life of all of them. That's the only way they're going to live to tell. The shark appears right after Kelly and John find the money. Jerry and Kelly ran for dear life, but Brett doesn't let Kelly go back to the river to help John fight the shark. John survives the attack, although he's been hurt.The moneybox cannot be opened. Jerry has conspired agains Brett: he'll give Ice half the money if he kills Brett. That's what they do. John tries to rescue Kelly and Emery. There is a series of fights, shootings, and on-the-spot plans to be the one left standing. Ice blows up the boat. Emery moves Kelly out of the way, while John fights with Ice. John gives the moneybox to Ice and jumps right before the engine explodes. They all end up in the water.The shark opens the moneybox. When Ice is picking it up from the water overjoyed, the shark eats him off. John and Kelly go to the factory, while Emory is trying to help them from the place, moving things around. Emory turns on the drilling machine, who falls onto the shark, killing it.John and Kelly kiss each other. They can collect the prize money for the shark, but Emory thinks it'd be better to let nature rest in peace, so they throw to the river one of the huge teeth of the shark, the only proof they have that they killed it.

Also known as:

A cápa visszavág => Hungary

Aguas sangrientas => Spain

Crvena rijeka => Croatia

Kokkino potami => Greece

Les dents de la mort => France

Río sangriento => Argentina

Terrore sott'acqua => Italy

Vörös víz => Hungary

Verta vedessä => Finland

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