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The Perfect Holiday (2007) Download Free

The Perfect Holiday (2007) Download

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance

Country: USA

Year: 2007

Runtime: 96min

Director: Lance Rivera

Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union, Faizon Love, Charles Q. Murphy, Katt Williams, Jill Marie Jones, Rachel True, Malik Hammond, Jeremy Gumbs, Khail Bryant, Peter Jae, David Anzuelo, Frank Bonsangue, John Bryant, Paul Woodburn, ...

Rating IMDB: 3.6


Benjamin (Morris Chestnut) is an aspiring songwriter who attempts to break into the music business by giving a copy of his recording track of a Christmas album to a hip hop artist named J-Jizzy (Charles Q. Murphy).Nancy (Gabrielle Union ) is a divorced mother, who is too busy taking care of her three children to take care of herself. Her daughter Emily (Khail Bryant) overhears her mother say that she wished for a compliment from a man, and the daughter tells the local mall's Santa Claus about her mother's wish.The Santa Claus turns out to be Benjamin, who notices Nancy. Later, while sitting in a Starbucks after his shift as Santa, Benjamin and his friend Jamal (Faizon Love) see Nancy go into a dry cleaners. Benjamin borrows Jamal's jacket, pretends to drop it off at the cleaners, tells Nancy that she's a very attractive woman (granting her wish), and leaves. Eventually, the two start to date and end up falling in love without Ben realizing that Nancy's ex-husband is J-Jizzy.Things take a turn for the worse, however, because Nancy's oldest son, John-John (Malik Hammond) is jealous of Benjamin going out with his mother and plots to break up the relationship. What follows is a series of funny and touching scenes that show viewers what "family" is really about.Queen Latifah and Terrence Howard play omniscient roles in the movie. Howard is a mischievous and sly angel named "Bah Humbug", while Latifah is the kind, thoughtful angel, called "Mrs. Christmas".

Also known as:

Férias Perfeitas => Portugal

Hristougenniatiko doro => Greece

Perfect Christmas => USA

Un nuovo marito per mamma => Italy

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